เก้าอี้อเนกประสงค์ [US] Paddington Occasional Chair Dark Brown

35,500.00 ฿
Tax included.
Size: D78xW65xH71 cm.
Material: Semi Aniline
Color: Dark Brown

Toast Dark Brown Leather Cushions with Stainless Steel Metal Frame

Weight Capacity : 230 kg.

Material : L1914: Semi Aniline
Stuffing Material : Polyureth Ane Foam + Polyester Fiber Batting

* Real Leather - Top Grain Leather
(selected from free-range cattle in Brazil and Argentina)

• Seat height : 37 cm.
• Product Weight : 14.5 kg.
• Weight Total (including box): 18 kg.
• Box Size : 80x76x70 cm.


Handmade, talented and unique in their own right, our
hand finished leathers are distinctive with slight
variations in every batch, making your item special - just
for you. To keep your product ageing gracefully below are
some tips on what to do…

FIRST TIP Wipe it down regularly or get your kids to do it. Use a dry cotton cloth and make sure to get inside the crevices and keep dust off the surface. Feel free to even use the vacuum in the crevices. Again good weekend job for kids.

LEATHER CONDITIONER If you want that leather to stay primed then invest in some reputable leather conditioners, the kind that has the creamy consistency and buffs in well, check the conditioner labels for application and look to condition every 6 months. Think of it like insurance for your sofa. Would you buy a Porsche without insurance protection?

SPILLS Had a few too many beers watching the game and had a spill, our advice is put the beer down.

But when trying to clean the spill quickly use a dry cloth or sponge. If you must use a little water then be sure to wipe the area dry afterwards and put a cushion on it so your wife doesn’t see.

AVOID SOAKING Its not fabric so don’t soak it in soapy water or keep it drenched in water for too long and if you do, DON’T call us as we told you so. DO NOT USE DETERGENTS OR CLEANING PRODUCTS NOT DESIGNED FOR FULL LEATHER. ITS JUST NOT WORTH IT. REMEMBER THE INSURANCE ADVICE ABOVE…

SMALL SCRATCHES It’s a natural material and can occasionally dry out and small scratches will appear. Just like scratches on our skin these can heal themselves. Just get a microfiber cloth and give them a gentle buff until there appearances fade.

SUNLIGHT EXPOSURE Just like your skin, keep direct sun exposure to suitable levels. If you want your product to age and become more vintage then please let the product sizzle... just don’t call us.

*** Remark ***
The product may have a discrepancy (+/-) 5%


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Product Type: Lamp
- 1-year warranty for lamp socket assembly (electrical system).
- 1-year warranty for LED Built-in bulb attached to the lamp.
- 6 months warranty for the light bulb.

Product Type: Furniture
- 1-year warranty on furniture structure.

Please note that in case of delivering to other provinces, Kindly take a VIDEO while opening the box. If there is found any damaged or defective product, please inform us immediately within 7 days.
*Without a VIDEO, we do NOT accept the claim.