โซฟา [WV] Leo 3S Sofa Teak (Outdoor)

150,000.00 ฿
Tax included.
Size: W82xL222xH68 cm.
Color: aged teak
Material: Teak & Rope

Seat Height : 27.5 cm.
Seat Height with cushion : 41.5 cm.

Weight Capacity : 200 kgs

Number of packages : 1 pc.
Product Weight: 24 kg.
Weight Total (including box): 28 kg.
Box size : 227x86x71 cm.

Teak Color : Aged teak
Resin/Rope Color : Camel
Fabric Color : Canvas Light Gray

Caring/Cleaning Guide
To clean stains off your teak furniture, here's what you can do
Clean the furniture with a plastic or stiff bristle brush, scrubbing in line with the grain.

- For tough stains, try adding a dash of bleach to the cleaning solution.

- For stubborn stains, lightly sand the affected area with a fine sandpaper.
*Tip: Avoid using metal brushes or scrubbing pads that can scratch the natural timber's surface.

To care you natural teak furniture, here's what you can do
1.Give your teak furniture a good brush down with a stiff bristle brush to remove dirt and debris
2.Dampen the surface with clean water and a cloth
3.Clean the surface with a teak cleaner or a homemade solution of vinegar and warm water
4.Let the vinegar solution soak in for 15 minutes before cleaning with a sponge in line with the grain
5.Lightly rinse the teak and let it dry
*Tip: Quickly clean spills to minimise staining

You can also invest in a teak protector to provide an added level of UV protection. Teak protectors create a barrier between the wood
and air, minimizing oxidation.
*Tip: Be sure to dry the teak before applying a thin coat of the protector to it. Also, don’t forget to retouch the protective film a couple
of times every year.

1.Protect Teak from UV rays
To help your teak furniture retain its original good looks, you’ll need to protect it from UV rays. Place furniture pieces away from direct
sunlight whenever possible.

2.Don’t treat with Oil
When Teak Oil is not used properly can promote the formation of mould and mildew on your furniture, rather than prevent it.

How to care the seat cushion

* Dry clean, PCE

* Gentle machine wash/gentle wool wash (max 30 degrees)

* Can be ironed at medium temperatures, Max 150 degrees (level two on the iron)
Be aware that fabric cannot withstand high temperatures for a long time,
and that at high temperatures there is therefore a risk of damaging the fabric.

*DO NOT bleach

Import from Indonesia

*** Remark ***
The product may have a discrepancy (+/-) 5 cm.


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